Ay caramba!

Posted by Leticia, 28 Jun

Hilda says she didn’t have time to date, “because of my dedication to my career.” She adds that she was not happy with her love life and that’s what motivated her to sign up with us. “I was hopeful to see if it could really work,” she says of Internet dating in general and our site specifically.

Hilda’s partner to be, Aaron, explains that he was “curious” about online dating, but the process of contacting people was awkward at first. “I was very uncomfortable,” he admits. Back then he was “not at all” hopeful that a website could help him find love.

Despite the doubts, just one month into his membership Aaron heard from Hilda. She’d been with us a year. “I sent him a ‘wow’ face and he responded in Spanish: ‘buenos dias’ (good morning). And that was the push we needed to talk for 13 hours because he was traveling by car to Florida. I kept him company while he drove!” So what did they talk about, mostly? “Our conversations were spiritual since we both love the Lord,” says Aaron.

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The impetus to meet in the real world came out of convenience. “I was traveling for work and had an interview near where he was driving to,” says Hilda. So they met at a Pennsylvania airport, then dined at the home of Aaron’s sister. Meeting in person for the first time, Hilda thought Aaron was “well dressed and had a nice smile.” But she noticed a big difference in height between them. “Wow, he’s a really tall man, and I’m short,” she remembers thinking.

Hilda needn’t have worried, though – Aaron was bowled over by her. He remembers thinking, “Ay caramba! How beautiful she is!” Her smile dazzled him. Given their strong chemistry, it may not surprise you to learn that they bonded quickly. “We were holding hands in less than an hour,” Hilda admits. While it surprised Aaron that they had their first kiss that very night, it felt so right.

After the excitement of their first meeting, Hilda was “a hundred percent sure” they’d go out again. “He is more than I expected from a gentleman,” she says. “I was surprised how well we got along.” But one thing could potentially hold her back… As she puts it, “the fear of moving to a totally new place with a person I didn’t know well enough to live with” definitely entered her mind, early on. Aaron agrees while suggesting that “family and financial trouble” also presented obstacles in this pairing.

Ultimately, Hilda and Aaron elected to pursue a relationship, navigating those perils successfully. She’ll never forget the moment she knew this could be special. “At Applebee’s one night, I felt really comfortable with him trying to feed me,” she laughs. Aaron elaborates, “We were eating side by side, not across the table.”

The time eventually came to formalize their connection. “We were at a shopping mall in front of a wedding store and he asked me, ‘would you marry me now?’ I said ‘yes’ and kissed him on the lips,” says Hilda.

The reason they chose to get engaged is obvious – finding each other has transformed their lives, for the better. “I’m happier now, and I feel secure knowing that I can count on a great man,” Hilda enthuses. As Aaron puts it, “My life is more peaceful and satisfied!”

Here are Hilda’s words of encouragement for other members of our site – specifically, the guys who think they may have found The One. “Be trusting, sincere and transparent with your feelings for her,” she urges. “Hide nothing from her.” Aaron tells singles not to stop searching until they find the right person – “don’t settle for less,” he says.

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  1.   Gdluckcharm says:
    Posted: 01 Jul

    Congratulations to the both of you, and I hope you have many happy years together.

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  2.   Mosiah7 says:
    Posted: 30 Jun

    "While it surprised Aaron that they had their first kiss that very night, it felt so right."

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