Amazing! Interracial Couple Emojis

Posted by James, 06 Oct 16

If there has ever been inclusion, then emojis have done it. The Loving film, 2016, has made it all happen. We now have emojis for interracial couples of all races. Amazing, right?

By using the “Love-Moji” app people can now share emojis of interracial couples of all races and genders. And get this: These emojis were inspired by Richard and Mildred Loving, an interracial couple who got married in the 1960s and were persecuted for their love for one another. Richard was white and Mildred was black.

At the time, interracial marriage was outlawed in the state of Virginia. However, the couple decided to fight for their right to love; hence the infamous civil rights case - Supreme Court case Loving v. Virginia of 1967. The movies graces the theaters on Nov. 4.

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Launched on Tuesday, the “Love-Moji” app also include LGBTQ couples of different races. You can have access to it on App Store and Twitter also have their emoji featuring the Loving couple under the hashtag #VoteLoving.

You got it people. Love is all colors! So are emojis!

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