AMAZING: Doctor Saves Life of a Fellow Doctor by Donating His Kidney

Posted by James, 03 Mar

Colleen Coleman seems to be one selfless doctor. Much as its not something to write home about when a doctor saves the life of a fellow doctor, Coleman's case is quite different and to say the least: Amazing!

Coleman went under the knife to save her colleague who desperately needed a kidney.

Her colleague, Dr. Brian Dunn, whom she works with in the same hospital, Hoag Hospital Newport Beach, had acute kidney failure caused by chemotherapy he had received due to a stomach tumor he had when he was a teenager. He was pegging his life on a donor who sadly withdrew. And that's when Dr. Coleman came through.

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"I thought, it's not going to happen," Dunn said.

When he was 25, his mother had donated a kidney for him. But apparently, donated kidneys don't last forever. His health started deteriorating late 2015. Even keeping up with his young daughter was too overwhelming for him.

"I started dragging," he said. "Holy crap, I felt bad."

Come April, he began dialysis which was too time consuming; he needed the process done four times daily.

Initially, Coleman had offered to help. However the tests had erroneously indicated that she wasn't a match. Luckily in June, the testing company called admitting they had made a mistake and that she was indeed a match.

Coleman's grandmother had died of kidney failure leaving her mother who was only 6 at the time. Much as she had her fears about the surgery, her mother's experience made her consider Dunn's 6-year-old daughter.

So they had the surgery last month and it was a success.

Coleman went to see Dunn afterward cracking a joke saying: "I wanted to make sure my kidney could pee." Weeks after the surgery, Dunn is recovering well and is more vibrant.

Besides giving Coleman a set of kidney-shaped Tiffany earrings to thank her and Tiffany money clip in the shape of a kidney, Dunn sent her a thank you note to which read:

"Monday, January 30th is a day I'll remember forever. It's the day that someone did something truly selfless for me. Colleen, you are an answer to prayer and an amazing example to everyone around you."

Coleman went back to work finding her colleagues with flowers and cake. They were calling her a hero, a word she termed as "very embarrassing".

Dunn and Coleman have been friends for more than a decade. Now they have more than friendship to bind them for life... a kidney!

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