5 Ways I Was Able To Land An Incredible Wife Online (Directly from the source!)

Posted by Joshua Pompey, 11 Jan

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Three years ago I met the most incredible woman I’ve ever met online. Kind, sweet, intelligent, fun, and perhaps most relevant to those of you on Interacialdating.com, she is interracial as well. And I have to say, having an interracial partner sure has worked out great for me.

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Our diverse backgrounds and unique cultures have combined for a truly well-rounded relationship and incredible all around experience. This will only spread further to future generations when we have children one day.

Well since we first met, there have been multiple times that I asked Amanda why she chose me over all the other guys online. Today I’d like to share with you some of the biggest reasons I was able to land a date with her and eventually make her my wife.

1. My introduction was completely unique

One thing my wife remembers to this day is that my opening email was different from everyone else she was being pursued by. Even more to the point, my opening email was funny. As Amanda says, “Everyone else seemed pretty boring. You made me laugh.”

And that’s all it took.

But just think... What if I had not taken the time to create an original and funny email that stood out from every other guy online? I would have never been noticed by the amazing woman who is now my wife.

Life is all about little moments that can change the whole trajectory of your existence. Something as simple as putting a little extra effort into one email can change your entire future. One day a big family and children will be the result of that little extra effort I took to win Amanda over.

2. My introduction focused on a commonality

My wife is one of the biggest dog lovers you will ever meet and my introduction focused on making a joke about our dogs. This only added to her interest. To this day I still remember exactly what I said in my opening email and so does she. “Come on now, stealing my patented “take a picture with the cute dog to get messages” idea? Not cool... We are in our first fight...” I then laughed and asked her a follow-up question about dogs.

Commonalities are what relationships are built on. The bigger the commonality, the more likely someone else will believe there is potential for a true bond. Amanda often jokes with me probing about how many times I used this same line on other dog lovers prior to meeting her, to which I often respond, “Ummm, gotta go!!!!”

3. My photo gallery showed an all-around fun life

As Amanda told me, “Your pictures looked fun. It was obvious you love to travel and try new things and that definitely helped me take notice.” People want someone to share new experiences with and are seeking a partner to have fun with.

It’s important to communicate this through the words you write in your profile and the pictures you post as well. in addition to travel pictures, I had several pictures of me just being silly, joking around with friends, and participating in random hobbies. My visual story communicated fun, laughter, and adventure, a winning trio for most women.

4. My profile was straight up hilarious from start to finish

If a woman thinks you are funny, she will be tenfold more likely to grant you a first date. Why? Because it lowers the risk. Worst case scenario, the date isn’t a winner, but at least she won’t be bored.

Not only that, a hilarious profile will keep your readers attention and make it more likely they will finish reading your entire profile. A full read of the profile should also communicate important qualities about yourself, such as ambition, confidence, and other personality traits that women are usually drawn to.

5. I didn’t play any games once we met

One of my most famous articles was an article that was published in the Huffington Post and featured on GMA in which I confessed to being a guy who was addicted to online dating. Well, within an hour of meeting Amanda, I knew those days were over. She was the one. From the time I met her, I never played a single game.

I asked her out again at the end of the first date. I never disappeared from text messages. And I asked her out twice a week for the 1st month. If she responded negatively I would’ve slowed down, but I never received those signals so I just went for it. All rules went out the window.

Too many people try to play games these days. Just be you, stay genuine, and provide a little old-fashioned romance that is often missing in today’s day and age.

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  1.   Kemmy-Tash says:
    Posted: 22 Jun 18

    I can’t wait to find a great man who won’t mind this beautiful black woman

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  2.   myabayona says:
    Posted: 22 Feb 18

    i wonder if, left are incredible women than incredible men, cause truth be told, the hustle is real.

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  3.   Faithluv1 says:
    Posted: 23 Jan 18

    Love is amazing thing many people say they want love but sometimes fear makes you blind to what is actually there for you. If only someone can actually mean what they say Good luck to us all!!

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  4. Posted: 16 Jan 18

    Lucky you. Those women dont exist anymore. You got the last one.

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