5 Reasons Why You Should Date Younger Men

Posted by Juan, 10 Jan

When it comes to how much older or how much younger the guy you are dating should be, women are shaking up the taboos. More and more women are becoming more comfortable dating men who are much younger than them. We have seen this in Hollywood a lot.

Singer J Lo has been known to date younger men in the past. She is now dating rapper Drake who is 17 years her junior. Others who have done it include Mariah Carey, Madonna, Demi Moore; to name just a few. Ladies, is this something you would consider doing?

Below are some of the reasons why you shouldn't turn down that young hottie you have chemistry with:

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1. Younger men admire the older woman's experience

Younger men are fascinated by an older woman's experience. They appreciate what you are willing to share. And the beauty about this is that he will let you take the lead when having discussions about things he wants to learn; be it business, career advice, even love and sex advice. You take the role of a mentor.

Such experiences may not be taken well by a man your own age; they might see this as you showing off. A younger man will definitely love the benefits of your lessons - learning what men his age may have no clue about.

2. Younger men are more flexible

Everyone is expected to have formed opinions of their own over time. But the older we get, the more rigid we become to suggestions or new ideas. A younger man will be more open minded that an older man or a man your age would be. He will be more willing to try out new things with you. Wanna hike or tango? This is the guy who wont mind exploring these new territories with you.

3. They will have sex with you anytime... anywhere

You wont have to schedule sex with a younger man. They are game if you are! And sexually, they are more adventurous. So if there is something sexual that you never got to do when you were younger because you were too shy to try it out, now is the time. He will definitely be fired up and happy to take you to whatever heights you let him. All you gotta do is ask. And I am sure your wish will be his command.

4. His zealousness will rub off on you.

The energy and enthusiasm that younger men bring to the table is lovingly infectious. Normally, younger men tend to be more adventurous and more upbeat about life. And most women who date younger men find themselves acquiring this energy. One quality they bring into your life is 'living in the moment'. This makes an older woman become less rigid and enjoy life. This youthful approach to life can be very invigorating given the hardships people endure in life... Its a breath of fresh air after a hard day's work.

5. Casual? Long-term? He will probably take you up on that.

As a woman, you need to be upfront about what you want out of the relationship. If its something casual, chances are he will be more that willing to tag along. Do you just want to experience dating a younger man? Just let your intentions be clear.

So long as there is chemistry and both of you want similar things, the relationship will be one you will never forget. Whatever the age difference, don't dismiss the man without giving it a shot. So long as you can be yourself and your expectations are being met, then enjoy the ride and make it worth your while.

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