3 minute sex is sufficient research confirms

Posted by James, 27 Mar

“Break me off, show me what you got, Coz I don’t want no one minute man᾿

Remember Missy Elliott & Trina saying they don't want a minute man while Ludacris says he isn't a minute man and can make the sex last in Missy's hip hop single "One Minute Man"? So how about 2 minutes … or 3 minutes?

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I know when women are talking to the girls about their boyfriends’ sexual prowess, or we boyfriends bragging how we can last and last, we always talk about 7 minutes as the lowest we have ever made it last.

A poll conducted by online dating site Partner4Real.com has confirmed recent research out of the U.S. that three minute sex is adequate, and 7-13 minute sex is ideal. Over 2,000 members were polled, with an overwhelming 65 percent saying that anything over 13 minutes is too long, and that 3-7 minutes is the ideal amount of time.

Brett Smith, a dating and health expert said that the above studies reflected what most Australians already know but rarely admit to. Much as 25% of the women said that 7-13 minute sex was ideal, extended foreplay was still a big part of their expectations. Men on the other hand preferred a reduction in the pre-sex activities.

This US study published in the international Journal of Sexual Medicine, is the first to review the ‘ideal length of time to have penetrative sex’ by randomly sampling Americans and Canadians. Well 7-13 minutes is the most desirable.

"Our poll highlights the difference between the commonly held belief that the longer the sex the better, and what really happens in the bedrooms of Australia," stated Smith. And another interesting finding was that 72% of the males felt the pressure to perform longer than five minutes … something that Smith sites as more of a peer pressure factor than pressure from their partners. You know, going by the one song on a CD is long enough theory! ;-)

Well, the above isn’t just some Australian or U.S. or Canadian issue. I am sure everywhere in the world, people would rather play along with the-longer-the-better version … just to sound strong than admit that 3 minute sex can be equally fulfilling.

Which one would you rather? The tedious two-songs-long humping or 3 minutes of quality?

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  1.   matkins4268 says:
    Posted: 20 Nov 10

    3 min is fine for sex . yet for love making and passion and the losing of one's self in the moment , well that takes time

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  2.   FurryJeans says:
    Posted: 15 May 10

    Satisfaction of both partners is the goal, not trying to run a sexual marathon.

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  3.   fire321 says:
    Posted: 18 Jul 09

    I agree with Dari22. Both parties should be satisfied when it's all said and done. Personally, there are times when I just want a quickie and then there are times when I want it to last longer than 7-13 minutes. It really all depends on how in tune to your mate you are.

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  4.   Daria22 says:
    Posted: 02 Apr 08

    As long as all parties are satisfied by the end of the night, it doesn't matter how long or short intercourse lasts. If you have sex for half an hour and one person is unsatisfied, what's the point?

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  5.   Mohit says:
    Posted: 01 Apr 08

    Y i can compelet 3 min plz contact me

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  6.   Anthony says:
    Posted: 31 Mar 08

    Thee's another article on that dating site (partner4real) about natural aphrodisiacs...a good combination for 3 minutes worth!

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  7.   MsMarie1963 says:
    Posted: 27 Mar 08

    I wholeheartedly agree! 7-13 Minutes is fabulous--and for any man out there who might be worried---that can include foreplay! Much longer than that and someone is trying too hard and in my book sex should be relaxing and pleasurable for both not another career move!

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