15 Thanksgiving Misfires to Keep You Cracking

Posted by James, 21 Nov 16

Much as Thanksgiving is a day to be grateful about, there is nothing as great as keeping up the spirit with some laughter. Its a season to be jolly right?

People try hard this season. Sometimes, the overthinking makes us fail. Be it the in decorations, typos or the turkey itself, there are some fails that leave one cracking up. Here are some of them. Its all in the spirit. These will keep you in the mood. Happy Thanksgiving.

Mi'spelling: How about Chri'smas? lol

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What are you looking for?

Photo Credit: Proofed Poorly

Are we eating or suckling this turkey?

Photo Credit: Lady Bunny

I thought Thanksgiving came on Thursdays

Photo Credit: omgfunnypictures.com

Was Charlie really Thankful?

Photo Credit: cheezburger

Brake!!! Really? And this is a HIGH school? They sure needed the break

Photo Credit: nowaygirl.com

Cake or not. This is just disturbing

Photo Credit: shocktotem

Even in the spirit do we have to wear turkey too?

Photo Credit: beyondthebulb

Thanks auto-correct

Photo Credit: damnyouautocorrect.com

Mickey got too happy this Thanksgiving parade

Photo Credit: imgur.com

We get it! Its gonna get stuffed

Photo Credit: i.imgur.com

Showgirls on Thanksgiving. Entertainment at its best. And they break bread as a bonus

Photo Credit: thedailywh.at

Sympathy for poor turkey

Photo Credit: cheezburger.com

Get your turkey on

Photo Credit: wwfdo.com

Roast turkey taken to another level

Photo Credit: blog.wkrq.com

Another turkey hat

Photo Credit: cakewrecks.com

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