11 sex facts no one ever told you and never will

Posted by James, 13 Jul

When talking about sex, there are some sex facts that you may uncover or get to hear that your high school sex class teacher may have forgotten to mention. Well reasons: He probably didn’t know about them or he felt they were too weird and crazy for high school.

Sex facts that will overhaul your knowledge of sex

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In my research on the subject, I uncovered quite a number of funny and weird sex facts. These make you feel how high school sex ed was complete and utter bull crap. For the sake of this article, I compiled 11 (both fun and weird) sex facts which, trust me, will fascinate you and that will surely give the high school sex ed a complete overhaul.

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1.     Chimpanzee Porn arouses women

Now this one takes the crown in the category of weird facts about sex. Apparently, there is a study that supports this (should I call it madness?) Now get this: women were shown a clip of chimps having sex and got sexually aroused… like they got wet down there.

I mean, I am a woman and just thinking about it makes me cringe. The other thing that is bothering me is: What was the angle of the people who carried out the study? What were they trying to prove? Well, my guess is, any weird stuff for science goes. Right?

2.     If you thought straight men search online for vaginas only, think PENISES!!!

Apparently, mean check out images of penises just as much as they search for vaginas online. One is left to wonder why a straight man would go to google images and type “penises”. Maybe it’s a penis measuring thing. And if they are just checking them out, then this is one of the strangest sex facts I didn’t know about.

3.     Condoms are not for vegans lol

Ever wondered what condoms are made of? If you are vegetarian, you might wanna reconsider using them; especially if you really care about what you ingest or what someone “puts inside you” Lol.

Apparently, a lot of condom companies use casein, a protein found in milk. This is one of the random facts about sex that I came across. Are they vegan-approved? Who knows. Just thought you should know…

4.     Do you know what’s in your anti-wrinkle cream?

Ladies, next time you have sex with your man, don’t let his sperm go to waste in a condom. Let the man pull out and apply it on your face. Apparently, sperm is very effective in clearing wrinkles.

Most wrinkle creams use sperm-like ingredients because of the efficiency of sperm. So if you want to remain forever young, get your sperm on.

5.     Forget those slender men if you want lasting sex

This reminds me of the song “One Minute Man”. Now if you are a woman whose orgasms depend on how long a man lasts, then get yourself a fat man. Studies have confirmed that severely fat men are three times more sexually enduring than their thinner counterparts.

So if you want to feel that six pack, be prepared for a ‘minute’ of sex.

6.     1/3 of Japanese adults are virgins

Can you believe the media have even coined a name for it? They are calling it “celibacy syndrome”. Apparently, a high number of Japanese adults find sex appalling. So if you plan on going on a sexcapade, not in Japan.

7.     Forerunner sex researcher Alfred Kinsley inserted the bristle end of his toothbrush in his urethra

WTF! WTF! This is all kinds of crazy! Sex research or not, why would anyone put themselves through that? Freaky right?

8.     Penguin prostitutes

Humans are not the only species that use sex for favors. Penguin females do it too. As per researchers, the females have sex with males who are not their mates in exchange for pebbles, which they use to build nests for their young ones. Ho!

9.     Egyptians between 3100 and 322 B.C. loved blowjobs

Much as ancient cultures practiced oral sex, the Egyptians fascination was off the hook. They even had a myth about it. Apparently, giving a blowjob to a clay penis, brings one of their gods, Oris, back to life.

Egyptian women also wore red lipstick to signify openness to oral sex.

10. Spontaneous orgasms are just a mushroom-sniff away.

Just sniffing the mushroom (Phallus Indusiatus) will make you scream with pleasure.

11. Seniors citizens bang more than we imagine

The old people are having sex. Lots of it. Probably more regularly than the rest of us. 30% of seniors over 80 are really getting it on.

Have these interesting facts about sex schooled you enough? I am sure you will remember the weird sex facts forever.

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