Chat with Girls Online is Easier Than You Think

Are you having trouble chatting with girls online?

Much as people say women are complicated, figuring out how to chat girls online is something that can be done with so much ease.

Here is how you begin a sensible conversation with the girl you like online.

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So you have identified a number of girls online. You really like their profiles. And these women are really hot (I mean, men love hot women). Now this is where the real dilemma checks in. How do you begin a conversation with this girl and impress her from the get-go? I mean, you gotta admit. You can rack your brain all night over it.

The good thing with online dating sites is that most of them have upped their communication features. Making contact with women online is much easier these days. And one thing is: You don’t have to wait for days, crossing fingers, hoping that the woman you have contacted will reply. It can all be instant via chat.

Impress with a killer profile

Now, first impressions are everything. Your profile may not do you justice but a killer first message can go a long way to redeeming you. So you have to do it right.

The thing is, men can be cheesy online. And one sentence can actually make a woman block you out rightly.

So what is the right way to start a conversation with a girl online?

Well, first off, you have to ask a question that is intriguing enough to elicit a response. One thing you can do is go through her profile to find something that she loves. Lead with that. One thing for sure is that women are attracted to men who show an interest in their interests. So if you do your homework right, then you will find a banging statement to lead with.

Ask her more about her interests and hobbies. Ask her what she enjoys doing to wind up. And if she happened to state on her profile that she loves travel, show an interest in her last adventure. Ask her what she really fascinated her. Ask about her tastes in music or movies. Women love such questions. They build up to great and meaningful conversations. They simply can't resist them.

Compliments people

Don’t forget to compliment her. You can mention how you like her sense of style or how and what in her profile really captivate you. It doesn’t be something physical really (trust me, she has probably heard how hot she is from just about any guy who contacted her). Be a little different. You can you’re your compliment be on her intelligence for instance. And if you have to go the physical way, don’t just say she is hot. Try being specific. For instance, her eyes. And please leave her “butt” out of first conversations.

Make sure that your questions are easy to answer; not something that she will be forced to use “Google” search to figure out WTF you are talking about. Trust, me, unless you have knocked her socks off with your killer looks and abs, she won’t bother.

If you manage to garner her attention, then build on the conversation with respect. Every woman, even one you cannot see, deserves respect. If you really want to make a real connection with women, then desist from sexual and insulting comments. So, before you hit “ENTER”, reread your statements out loud to assess how she might take it. Steer clear from some ‘guy’ humor. What you might take as joke may make you come off as a complete jerk.

Maintain the conversation

Now that you have the conversation going, try as much as possible to reply to her messages in good time. When it comes to online dating, prompt responses are key. Don’t keep her waiting for 24 hours after she hit you up on chat. The assumption will be that you are not interested.

The key to keeping a woman interested is to keep the conversation going. Try not to stall when you are having a chat session. And if you play your cards well, you will get a phone number sooner and move it to voice calls.

They say women are complicated. Well, it true. But as a man, you need to make it your point to understand women. And all women want is a respectful man and a man who shows interest. Don’t be coy with your conversation. Don’t brag about this and that. Just keep calm. Keep your ego in check. Once you do this and keep it simple, you will be shocked at how easy it is to chat with girls online.