Black Interracial Dating in USA

The changing dynamics of Black interracial dating

Over time, most people are now understanding that it’s not the race of an individual that makes a relationship last. Love, respect and a mutual understanding do.

Interracial white dating isn't black and white.

black woman white man

We are in 2017. We don’t expect interracial dating to give people headaches as it did many years ago. Things are really changing and more people have come to accept interracial dating to be a ‘normal’ way of dating.

Looking at the history of slavery, whites were taking in black people as their slaves. This is one stereotype that has really affected the acceptance and growth of interracial relationships, especially between blacks and whites.

Assumptions surrounding Black interracial dating

There is usually the assumption that Black people find it the hardest to mix racially, especially in marriage. Apparently, Black singles are expected to marry their own. Well, maybe this might have been the case before.

First there was this idea that Black women get annoyed at black men in interracial relationships. And this is a stereotype that has been embedded by the media. In fact, as it goes, when a black man becomes successful, he runs off and marries a non-black woman, making black women feeling like they are not wanted by their own men.

Well, this really isn’t the case. Black women are also opening themselves to finding love. They are no longer waiting for that “black knight”. If the knight who sweeps her off her feet happens to be white, then so be it.

The black woman has been painted as angry and unwanted by men of all races. Much as ‘studies’ claim this to be so, I think black women are as desirable as women of all other races. And men of other races find them very desirable.

The black woman of today doesn’t live by the ‘rule’ that she has to marry ‘her own’. All she is looking for is love and respect. Now, given the kind of racial diversity that exists in colleges and at work, the chances of hooking up with a non-black man are much higher.

More black men date interracially?

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