Man, Aged 52 in USA, New Jersey, Sicklerville
Looking for a: Woman, Aged 40 - 62, Any Ethnicity

"Jamaicasson. A good man inna aforeign."

  • My ethnicity isBlack/Islander
  • Height5'1" or below
  • StatusSingle
  • SeekingFriends/Penpal/Long-term/Short-term
  • Body typeAthletic build
  • Have childrenChildren not at home
  • SmokingHate smoking
  • DrinkingDrink socially
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"Time and Patience Worked"

The first email or flirt was petty basic and he didn't have much written about himself in his profile. I was still interested in getting to know hi;, I liked his look, the one picture he had of himself kinda spoke to me. So we talked back & forth will the emails for a lil while then he asked for m... read more

Florida, United States

How would you describe yourself?

Hi, thanks for stopping by, I'm Stacy.

I am just a guy who likes to see people smile, hear kids play, and listen to interesting stories from those older than myself about what it was like back then. I adore the same things that most romantics do, like walks hand in hand, beaches, sunsets, laughing kids and flowers; but there is so much more to me that no one seems to see... Like a heart for all of humanity, a desire to spend life with and love just one person.
I solely want to love and be loved in return by that special someone.

I work in the entertainment industry in front and behind stage. I also am an event planner with weddings being one of my strong suits (Go figure), and really enjoy seeing an idea come to fruition. I love repairing things and have a small side business remodeling houses, I also repair computers and love to build fast cars and motorcycles, although I'm not at all into racing.

I am not a big sports fan (sorry), I would rather send that time somewhere on a boat, jetski, or motorcycle, with companionship or not as I have always been good company for myself. Ideally I would really love to be married to an amazing woman. A woman who would be amazing in my eyes, who cherishes me as much as I do her. That love of a lifetime.

I don't believe in cheating, I feel it is beneath the person that I am. I have no addictions, no alcohol, tobacco, drugs, guns(and they are an addiction), or porn. Although I have been labeled a workaholic at times, because of my tenacity, but I'm sure they meant it in the best way. I am not a big pet person because I don't like feeling like I am controlling an animals life. I think all big game sports hunters are cruel, an have been known to be empathetic to a fault.

I just simply want that relationship that just works, a good, solid, traditional relationship with a woman that has similar views, and only wants one, as I. A relationship where you become friends first and it just grows.

To me a relationship, which also includes the friends part, is based on an attraction to want to know more about that person; which leads to learning that you like certain things about them, then to wanting to spend more time with them, to not wanting to be without them, to finally wanting to spend the rest of your life with them, and as you noticed I didn't say wanting to know their salary. I'm pretty simple and like simple things HUGS, HUGS and MORE HUGS. Yeah that's right I'm a guy and secure enough in my MACHOISM to say that yes... 1, I love to cuddle. And 2, I don't mind kissing my girl in front of the world, because if I'm with you, I'm with you because I really like you, and before you beat me up for saying LIKE you, think... At the end of a bad relationship you realize that you still love that person, you just don't LIKE them very much anymore; when you can say you really like your mate as a person, you're on the way to being soulmates.

At this time I would like to meet a friend and see where it goes, remember when people used to date? Let's link up, hope you like water, and boats, and jetskis, and... Talk to you soon, bye.

Wise words on marriage.

These are not my words, they are my uncles, but the wisdom was so obvious it was easily overlooked so I thought I would share it. Arriving early to the planned fiftieth anniversary party for my aunt and uncle I found the family sitting around in the usual manner; my aunt and female cousins all sitting in the kitchen chatting while my aunt called out for the occasional confirmation of one fact or another from my uncle in the living room watching television, eliciting the usual "yes sissy" from him. I walked in said my hellos' to all and returned to the living room to accompany my uncle in his solitude. Boy they sure can talk, I said as the women seemed to go on non stop with the chatter and laughter; my uncle smiled and said, everyday. I sat there and puzzled how he could take the talking and laughing so effortlessly day in and day out, especially considering he liked to listen to the television at a relatively low level. Making small talk I said to him "So uncle, how does it feel to be married for fifty years"? To which he replied, Great! I thought to myself for a moment and reflected on how I had tried to maintain a couple of my longer relationships but they all seemed to have a shelf life of no more than seven years, I guess that's why they call it the seven year itch! At any rate in my amazement it dawned on me that I was sitting in a room with a man that had been married for an astonishing, fifty years! Wow I thought, that's amazing and tried to come up with a non-intrusive manner in which to ask him the million dollar question, HOW! So in my most non-chalant voice I said, so uncle, how did you do it? To which he replied, do what? And I said, remain married for fifty years? He smiled gingerly and said, oh that was easy! I leaned back, pondered for a moment and said, easy? She must have gotten on your nerves a few times in fifty years?! He chuckled and said, what do you mean in fifty years, hell she got on my nerves today! Now we were getting to what I wanted to hear, the gory details, the truth, the magic potion, the hidden truths that mankind had sought for eternity, etc.. Etc.. He sat deftly back in his chair gazed up at the ceiling sat back up and said, it was easy, you see when we decided to get married we had a long talk and we agreed on one thing... That no matter what, I would not give her a divorce, and she in return would never give me a divorce, so we made a pact and stuck to it. That's it I thought? That's the BIG secret? But before disappointment could set in he smiled again and said... You see, we took divorce out of the equation, so once you decide you will never get divorced you have to learn to work though all the little problems, and after you work through so many you realize that there really aren't any big problems it's just that people always want to be right and won't talk to each other, and listen to each other. That's how we did it and that's how we stayed together... We talk to each other about things. No divorce remember? I sat back and marveled at the simplicity of it all and realized he was right, and I would heed his advice when I too decide to marry, and I then realized, I too was smiling and about that time my aunt blurted out "ain't that right Tom"?, he sat back grabbed the remote, winked at me, and said, Yes Sissy.

Here's a bit of humor to lighten your day, but believe me this is a true story, and I lived through it.

A visit to Doctor Wizard.

Sometimes a man has to do what a man has to do, and on this day I did. A visit to... DOCTOR WIZARD.
O. K. Here's the story, I broke a filling in one of my molars, left side, been there for 37 years, so I go to the dentist to have a new filling put in. I don't know if I met this man before and maybe said something about his mother, or maybe I took his wife in a past life, ran over his dog maybe, I don't know, but I am sure he had a vendetta to settle.

If you could imagine having Vlad the impaler as a dentist you would "Almost" be where I was yesterday.

First he injected me with a small amount of novocaine, lidocaine, or whatevacaine; walked out of the room for approx. One to two minutes and came back in, leaned my chair back and started to look into my mouth; the light was in my eyes so I closed them, the next thing I hear is the "Whirring Instrument of Death"(better known as the dentists drill) and as quickly as I could think "I know he's not about to drill", this maniacal, diabolical, homicidal, etc, etc, etc lunatic of a dentist slams this thing, spinning at one megabugazillion rpm, into my tooth, resulting in enough pain to equal skylab falling from space and landing on your big toe.

I mean, making you want to say bad words pain, really, really bad words pain, prompting him to ask "Are you feeling that" as my eyes rolled back down out of my head, I want to ask "what the bleepidy, bleep, blip, bleep, bleep, do you mean, can I feel that?

Does mind numbing pain mean anything to you? He then had an epiphany "We need to inject that again". NO SHIRT SHERLOCK! I think as he once again injects my mouth with anesthesia. This time he exits the room and is gone for a full "Three" minutes, comes back in, shines the light directly into my eyes (I think they do this so you can't see what's coming), sits down grabs the WIoD, and into my mouth it goes whirring, buzzing, grinding, chipping, there are pieces of tooth hitting the back of my mouth threatening to go down my throat, I'm trying not to gag as I notice, aside from the tooth chips flying all around the room I really don't feel it. Hey cool, I can do this I think, but alas I thought too soon.

It was then I noticed I was beginning to feel the cold air from the suction device..."OH MY GOD, IT'S NOT NUMB!"...

Then KABANG; right into the nerve he goes, my legs retract as if I'm about to give birth ( I think I did, to a little smelly air baby, goodness knows I almost fired a torpedo), Then there were the voices, "Don't go to the light" "Stay away from the light".

As I regained consciousness he had epiphany number two, "You're still feeling that huh!

By now I'm praying to God to give me the strength to go on living, to not just go to the light, and also to give me the strength not to choke the doctor to death with the cord of the drill thingy; but I couldn't because murder is against the law in New Jersey.

So this time it's two more injections on the outside and two on the inside of my teeth in the gum and under the tooth. Right about this time I'm thinking if I hadn't listened to my Mother, and Nancy Reagan, and all that just say no stuff I could be a drug addict happily high on something and not feeling any of this, in fact I probably wouldn't even have teeth! Hummm, Nah.

Well in he walks again, him and his accomplice, yeah right, dental assistant my eye, they were obviously plotting my demise and trying very hard to drill me to death.

This time I wasn't worried however because I had tested for feelings and I could not feel anything on my tooth, or jaw, gums, lips, in fact the whole left side of my face was numb, yes I sat there blissfully numb, happily listening to the grinding, the chipping, drilling, he was trying to finish me off but I couldn't feel it, HA HAHAHAHAAA(snort)HA HAAA. Yes I was numb, I coundn't feel it, He even changed tips on the drill time and time again.

They tried pastes, they tried Ultra violet light, they were sticking everything in there trying to cause pain but I couldn't feel it, yes sweet euphoria.

After what seemed like an hour they decided to call it quits, they saw I was no longer wincing in pain so I became boring to them I think, and they decided to move on to the next victim.

You are done, the bathroom is that way he said. I don't know if he said that for me to rinse my mouth or change my underwear but I was happy to get out of that chair. So I stood, but as I started to walk I realized I coudn't feel my left arm, or foot, they were numb... What the? Could it be the? Naaahhh so I smiled with the one half of my face that could, and casually limped out to my car; it was finally over.

I am looking for...

Someone who actually knows what love is all about; someone deeper than a color, or shape, that realizes that to a dog we live a long time, but to a bristlecone pine we're a flash in the pan. Humans live an average of 67. 2 years worldwide; so if you're past the age of 33. 6 you have already lived over half your life. The question then becomes do you live the rest alone, or with that one person that even through the haze of age, you are still beautiful. I seek the piece that's missing from my heart and that person has been so hard to find that I thought I had given up; but something keeps telling me she is out there somewhere. Heres the problem. I don't know what state she is in, what race she is, short? Tall? I don't know, the proverbial needle in the hay stack. I just wrote this to let you know (and you know who you are), that I have not grown weary, though I may be tired. That I have not lost hope, but maybe a little patience, and That I know you are there searching for me through the haze of life, but our persistence shall prevail and we will find ourselves in love one day.

If any of the above made sense let's talk until either a spark ignites a flame in our hearts or we have found ourselves with a new friend.

About Him

  • StarsignLeo
  • Want childrenUndecided about wanting children
  • Eye colorBrown
  • Hair colorWhite
  • ReligionChristian
  • OccupationSelf-employed
  • EducationBachelors degree
  • LanguagesEnglish/Spanish/Other
  • RelocationI'd relocate anywhere in the world
  • Ideally I'd live in aHouse in the suburbs/Beach house
  • My fashion sense isDress according to the occasion
  • My sense of humor isLight-hearted - I like cheerful, gentle fun
  • When I go to partiesI'm in the background but enjoying myself
  • On a day off, I enjoySomething athletic or energetic/A cultural outing such as museum or gallery/Catching up on household chores/Doing absolutely nothing
  • I attend religious servicesOnce a month
  • When it comes to workI should have a bed in my office


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"Time and Patience Worked"

The first email or flirt was petty basic and he didn't have much written about himself in his profile. I was still interested in getting to know hi;, I liked his look, the one picture he had of himself kinda spoke to me. So we talked back & forth will the emails for a lil while then he asked for m... read more

Florida, United States