Woman, Aged 45 in USA, California, Sherman Oaks
Looking for a: Man, Aged 38 - 55, Asian/Black/White... (Preferred)

"Hey silly, what are you waiting for!!!"

  • My ethnicity isLatino
  • Height5'1" or below
  • StatusDivorced
  • SeekingLong-term
  • Body typeAverage build
  • Have childrenChildren not at home
  • SmokingHate smoking
  • DrinkingDrink socially
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"I've told all my friends about this website."

Thank You very much... I found my soulmate in no time on your site.. I've told all my friends about this website.. Wishing everyone the best! read more

Georgia, United States

How would you describe yourself?

I live in Southern California in Sherman Oaks, SO IF YOU LIVE OUT OF STATE AND YOU'RE NOT MOVING HERE ANYTIME SOON WELL WHEN... SORRY! You are not my guy. My family is very big(about 140 peeps or so)and for me to leave this area would be too hard for me( I love my family ) and I would love yours also but you have to live near me..:) UPDATE Sept 16th, 2014... I will REPLY TO YOUR MESSAGE but please let me know something about yourself.. If we are here to try and get to know one another, say something worth responding to(LOL):) Don't be a dry and poor soul... Then I CAN TELL YOU MORE ABOUT MYSELF. SPEAK! Or forever hold your peace(aren't I a funny girl... I think so... Lol
I am warm, loving and if I fall in love with you I will knock your shoes off your feet and maybe take them off when you come home from work (only if your a good man)lol. I will love you unlike no other but "you my dear" have to be worth it. I am not into fast men at all. I can see you guys coming and I will not bother. I like a God fearing man. A good man who is true to himself, his word..

Being single at my age and finding Mr. Right wont be that easy because I am serious about finding "the one" the right one, but I better hurry up because if I don't find him soon I will be advertising for a "good diaper changer" One who can do it with TLC... LOL
I am writing my first book which is paramount to me at this point in my life, but if I don't hurry up and finish it, I'll be advertising for a diaper changer. I will be too old and you will be seeing me on here advertising for a "good diaper changer" one that will change my diaper with care (smile). By the way, if you were curious of the title of my first book, it is "women who kill and why we do it" and on our third date just to break the ice between us and really get to know what your made of, you'll have to help me move a coffin out of the closet and dumping it somewhere.. Please keep in touch because I need more victims, I MEAN DATES!
Looking for my life time, workout partner, because I am really ready to just paint the town(15 and older is ok, mine are 24 and older) (not unless they are well behaved, if younger). Waiting for my own "Waiting To Exhale Moment" .. Awhhh there!!! Meantime trying to have some fun and enjoy Life... I've just moved to Los Angeles 3 years ago, just as I said I would (Big smile)because I was losing my home, I am from the SF bay area. I like men who are organized, very thoughtful, a leader and aren't serial daters. I like people who have wisdom and have learned from the success and their failures. I write. I like to write, I would like to write professionally someday and do photography... So I am working very hard now so I can find the time to do it full time. I WOULD LIKE TO MEET FRIENDS, real folks.. I would like to meet NEW FRIENDS who love to hang-out and go to festivals and listen to Jazz near the ocean. I love going to a concert, or going to see a comedy show. I was born in Ensenada Mexico. I consider myself a true breaded Indian(watch out for those engines)(smile)I've got a lot to offer a man as far as who I am as a person. I know just how to treat a man because I was raised the old fashioned way, but I'm still very much a new age woman, you can believe that! One day soon you'll be hearing about this little girl-doing big things.. So watch out world, here I come! I've been happily divorced for over 20 something yrs now, but I could have been married every year I've been divorced. Staying single was very important to me for a long time because I got married at the age of 14... Ouch! That hurt to even admit. But, I think I'm running out of gas now, Thank God! (smile)I've had a lot of fun over the years, letting my hair down and letting the sand run through my tootsies. BUT I THINK I DID EVERYTHING BACKWARDS (lol) AND MANAGED TO COME OUT OK AND BE SANE ENOUGH TO TELL YOU ABOUT IT.. (lol) You can throw me out on my back and like a cat, I spring to my feet before I hit the floor.. Cool, but I'm getting a little too old for that maneuver.

I am looking for...

Big smile*.

MY Little... OK, BIG WISH LIST;The man that would turn my cheek is someone who is a gentlemen first and foremost. Someone who really has figured most of it out by now, as I have. A man who doesn't have a problem with me physically jumping on his back ones in a while, don't worry I'm not a big girl put I'm tones of fun! That's the reason I keep myself trim(smile)I like a man who is a little reserved but yet confident, and a bit charismatic. I kind of go for the good looking book-worm type. Someone who isn't full of himself and is not a serial dater. Someone who loves to laugh and be a kid every now and then. Whew! What a wish list huh, I almost feel sorry for you. Are you out there somewhere Mr. Man? My favorite place to go is the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Half-moon Bay listening to some good jazz.
I think in order for two people to have a meaningful relationship they have to have more things in common than not. My favorite snack on a hot Summer day is a huge glass of Rocky Road ice cream with some more added nuts, topped off with some cold milk, anyone of you nice guys want to join me? Waiting for Mr. Right and willing to wait a little longer because settling is never an option, even at my age(smile)but I am running on fumes now HELP!... Lol

About Her

  • StarsignAquarius
  • Want childrenDon't want children
  • Eye colorBrown
  • Hair colorAuburn Red
  • ReligionChristian
  • OccupationMarketing
  • EducationSome College
  • LanguagesEnglish/Spanish
  • RelocationI'm not prepared to relocate
  • Ideally I'd live in aIn the City/Beach house
  • My fashion sense isDress according to the occasion
  • My sense of humor isLight-hearted - I like cheerful, gentle fun
  • When I go to partiesI go with the flow
  • On a day off, I enjoySomething athletic or energetic/A cultural outing such as museum or gallery/Curling up with a good book/Napping...
  • I attend religious servicesOnce a month
  • When it comes to workI always put in overtime


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"I've told all my friends about this website."

Thank You very much... I found my soulmate in no time on your site.. I've told all my friends about this website.. Wishing everyone the best! read more

Georgia, United States