Woman, Aged 44 in USA, South Carolina, Clover
Looking for a: Man, Aged 38 - 48, Asian/White/Latino... (Preferred)

"Peace comes from being aligned with the present."

  • My ethnicity isBlack
  • Height5'1" or below
  • StatusNever married
  • SeekingFriends/Long-term
  • Body typeAverage build
  • Have childrenChildren at home
  • SmokingHate smoking
  • DrinkingDrink socially
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"It's a Long Story"

We meet each other on your site one year ago. We are going to get married this year. Thanks to your site. read more

Brussels, Belgium

How would you describe yourself?

I have read many profiles that include "self-stats" to describe themselves such as their profession, things they have or places they have gone etc etc but those are external and do not describe or define who they really are on the inside. So my internal qualities are I am compassionate, playful, creative, nurturing, loving, generous, giving and present.

I am comfortable in my own skin and knows that GOD created me as I am so I will not pretend to be someone else just to fit anyone's mold. I view myself a rare and beautiful gemstone... A sapphire to be exact who represents sincerity and faithfulness. I am not built like the supermodels you see on TV or in the magazines and that suits me just fine because when I look in the mirror I like what I see. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and the first person that must behold it is ME.

The race of a person does not matter to me, we are all one race and that is the "Human Race". It matter less what you look like on the outside but what matter most is how you treat people because at the end of the day that's all that should matter. Some people may not agree with me and that's perfectly fine because we are all entitled to our own opinions...:0)

I am NOT the type of person that builds herself up by knocking others down. I am not one who belittles any man for not giving me what I want but who I am is the type of person who will roll up her sleeve to help get the job done. Material possessions do not fulfill my sense of self as I don't fall in love with "things" that can not love me back. I am a very down to earth person but I suppose everyone says that about themselves.. Lol.

I am looking for...

Finding true love requires a person to be vulnerable to some degree, if a person is unwilling to do that... Well good luck. Being in love takes your breath away, while being loveless makes it difficult to breathe. Love can give us strength. It also makes us weak in the knees. In order to experience the full spectrum of love, we must be available to receive; willing to lose; committed to stay; and open to know the truth about ourselves and love. We must live authentically; develop slowly; change radically and, under all circumstances, we must be non-judgmental about the lessons and opportunities to heal and grow that love may offer.

"Love isn't finding a perfect person. It's seeing an imperfect person perfectly"

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson~...

About Her

  • StarsignLibra
  • Want childrenUndecided about wanting children
  • Eye colorBrown
  • Hair colorBlack
  • ReligionSpiritual
  • OccupationOther
  • EducationBachelors degree
  • LanguagesEnglish
  • RelocationI'd relocate within my city
  • Ideally I'd live in aBeach house
  • My fashion sense isSporty, jogging shoes and trackies
  • My sense of humor isLight-hearted - I like cheerful, gentle fun
  • When I go to partiesI go with the flow
  • On a day off, I enjoyA cultural outing such as museum or gallery/Curling up with a good book/Lunch with a friend/Spending time with the family...
  • When it comes to workI always put in overtime


Message Flirt Favorite IM

"It's a Long Story"

We meet each other on your site one year ago. We are going to get married this year. Thanks to your site. read more

Brussels, Belgium