Success Story: Never Let Me Go

Posted by Leticia, 13 Oct 16

Fed up with being single, Chertarnia posted a profile on our site with the username “CharlieR97.” She tells us “I signed up to broaden my horizons… I was not very confident [that I would find love online].”

John says that he joined our site “to find the love of my life… I wasn’t expecting much, and really it was just a bit of fun.”

Online connection:

Your perfect partner could be online right now...

What are you looking for?

Still, a few weeks later, these two new members found each other. “I reached out to Cher via direct message,” explains John. “I didn’t message a single other person and just sent Flirts, but I saw her online profile picture and thought that was so beautiful that I couldn’t NOT message her, so I paid the site to upgrade, just so I could message her!”

Seeing his note appear in her inbox, Chertarnia checked out John’s profile and liked what she saw. As they began corresponding, she was further impressed by how he handled himself. “He was a gentleman, and cared about my likes and my interests and my hobbies. He also took an interest in me and my personality — not just my appearance!”

John acknowledges that Chertarnia’s looks definitely appealed to him, but there’s much more to it than that. “She was beautiful, but also smart and funny! When we were exchanging messages, I realized I had never felt such an incredible bond with another person.”

The first date:

The question of whether or not to meet in person began to percolate in Chertarnia’s mind. “I just knew deep down that he was a genuine person,” she reflects. “He’d never stopped being a gentleman for the entire time we’d been speaking.” That being the case, she felt ready to take the next step…

John concurs. “We’d been talking for two months before we decided to meet up, and I already knew I was falling for her,” he says. “By the time we met for the first time, not seeing each other wasn’t even a question.” Both singles knew it was time to proceed.

Date Number 1 was scheduled and they met in the agreed place, at the appointed hour. Says Chertarnia, “We met in London, where I live, at St Pancras train station before going out for a meal.”

What caught Chertarnia’s attention? “That he had the most gorgeous green eyes I’ll never forget,” she says, getting a bit moony-eyed herself. And what jumped out at John? “That she was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen in my entire life!”

When the date concluded, Chertarnia wasn’t ready to say adieu. “I ended up crying when he had to leave,” she laughs now. “I was so sad to see him go!” John says he was surprised that “when I kissed her I never wanted to stop kissing her, and when I held her I never wanted to let her go.”

Chertarnia was pretty sure she wanted to go out again — in fact, she ranks her certainty “on a scale of 1 to 10, a bajillion.” There was something very special about John; he was only superficially similar to her previous relationships. “He was similar in appearance, not similar in personality (I used to be into bad boys),” admits Chertarnia with a giggle.

The relationship:

As they proceeded further down the path of love, she was struck by “how brilliant his smile was” and he discovered that “she was as perfect as I imagined her to be, and more.”

We asked the couple what obstacles might prevent their relationship from continuing. “The distance,” answers Chertarnia. “Only being able to see each other once every two weeks was very hard!”

John nods emphatically. “The distance was tough, with me in Sheffield and her in London,” he declares. “The fact that we couldn’t see each other every day was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through.”

They’ll always remember the moment when they realized this relationship was special. “That moment came when someone asked me, ‘Are you happy about your relationship?’ and I honestly answered that I’d never been happier,” says Chartarnia.

John’s answer is a little different. “I knew I loved her before I even met her,” he says with a smile. “But I don’t remember when it hit me, exactly. I just remember slowly falling for her and then one day I just realized, ‘hey, I love this girl!’”

The commitment:

From there a greater commitment seemed like the most natural thing in the world. As John remembers it, “I informally asked her to marry me, and she said ‘yes,’ but we want to wait a bit first until we’re settled and have our own home before going through with it for real.”

To John the changes in his life are evident and awe-inspiring. “I was lost before I met her, and now I’ve never been more certain about anything in my whole life than I am about loving her,” he says. “She’s the reason I get out of bed in the morning.”

Here are Chartarnia’s tidbits of actionable advice for singles. “Go outside your boundaries,” she urges. “Don’t just search for your ‘type.’ Be open-minded.”

John cautions men to wait for The One. “Don’t settle for second best,” he says. “The girl of your dreams is out there. I know because I’ve found mine.”

He knew it all along.

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  1.   Beautor says:
    Posted: 10 Feb

    Great thing happen by God's grace!kudos guys & may God bless you live in a blissful marriage,Hoping to find the love of my own some day.

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  2.   Muhandu says:
    Posted: 25 Jan

    Well done this is awesome

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  3. Posted: 12 Jan

    Love this story.Wish you all the best.Hopefully I will find my soulmate too.

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  4.   Reggie431 says:
    Posted: 07 Jan

    Yeah those are some really cute sob stories you have there. I'm crying in my cereal.

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  5.   Babrina says:
    Posted: 02 Jan

    What a Beautiful couples! Wow, i love seeing mixed couple together!

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  6.   kweya says:
    Posted: 04 Nov 16

    May God blessed you guys. Hope to find. my love in this site

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  7.   aliceblaze says:
    Posted: 03 Nov 16

    what an interesting stories. i wish you guys best of luck. i was just at the edge of deactivating my acct. But this interesting stories has given me hope. besides my advise to every in here is that, make sure you know the status of someone before becoming intimate with them. i just had a story that a coleague at my friend job got contacted with Hiv on okcupic, i really felt for that lady for real. we all have to be very careful, is never written on anyone's face's. I thought i should just put this out for everyone to put it into consideration. . An hopefully i find my Mr. Right in here. i cant wait to put my story in here as soon as that

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  8.   lollil4 says:
    Posted: 02 Nov 16

    Guys ir luck...hope I get my love here too

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  9.   wyn1975 says:
    Posted: 29 Oct 16

    Aww lovely love story, gives everyone hope lol....wish u the best guys :)

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  10.   Rosey95 says:
    Posted: 29 Oct 16

    Awww how beautiful ?. Hopefully I'll be a success story one day.

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  11.   vandetah says:
    Posted: 24 Oct 16

    Nice stories .still waiting. Goodluck to all of you

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  12.   6321 says:
    Posted: 22 Oct 16

    At first I felt I was at the wrong place but after reading the successful stories . God will bless me to Thank you

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  13.   odeam says:
    Posted: 19 Oct 16

    Any time I see a story like this It gives me hope, God bless you guys!!

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  14.   Delary says:
    Posted: 18 Oct 16

    Congratulations I wish you all the best in your Union

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  15. Posted: 16 Oct 16

    What a real nice story about these two,i wish them both the best in what life has to offer.

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  16.   DebyD199 says:
    Posted: 14 Oct 16

    Wow thats really inspiring,it has taught me to be patient and wait for the right man,am really anxious lol ,happy for you guys and wishing you the best,

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