She Almost Missed Her Sweet Southern Prince

Posted by Leticia, 02 Mar 11

Joanne’s busy schedule left her little time for traditional social events.  She did have time to check and answer email here and there, so online dating made sense for her.  Another benefit was that she wanted to put personality first in her search for love—if that appealed to her, she would consider a guy’s appearance.

And yet, despite its advantages, membership on our site did not yield immediate results for Joanne.  She wasn’t particularly impressed with the men who were responding to her profile and as months went by, dejection began to set in.  “I must admit that I suspended my profile a few times,” she tells us now.  “Just about the time I was ready to pull my profile permanently, I met my Sweet Prince.”

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Joanne received a flirt from Richard and decided to check out his profile.  What she saw there seemed almost too good to be true!  What a catch.  She definitely wanted to get to know him better, but lingering doubts remained.  After reading his profile for red flags more than half a dozen times, Joanne finally sent Richard her phone number.  “I didn’t want to be cynical and group him with past disappointments that I had encountered, so I kept an open mind,” she says.

Richard called Joanne later the same evening.  Over the next few days, they would put in hours of phone time.  “From the very beginning, I appreciated his quick wit, manners and unpretentious nature,” gushes Joanne.  “Richard is an exceptionally rare Southern gentleman in every sense of the word.”

When Richard proposed a date, she did not hesitate to accept.  They met at a quiet local restaurant for more fabulous conversation.  In person their connection was undiminished.  “From the moment I first laid eyes on him, I was swept off my feet,” Joanne reports.  “He was an absolute fox.  I thought that his profile photos did not do him justice.  He was tall and incredibly handsome with a captivating smile and the most expressive blue eyes that I could get lost in for days.”

Today, the happy couple are dating seriously and enjoying the process of meeting each other’s friends and family.  They see each other almost every day.  “There is not one day that goes by when he does not let me know how special I am to him,” Joanne says.  “We complement each other in every way.  We are blissfully happy together.”

These two have planned out the next year or so of their lives together, but they want to leave some pleasant surprises in their future.  “As in every new relationship, some details are better left unplanned,” notes Joanne.  “But Richard is my Mr. Right, certainly not Mr. Right Now.  He is the man of my dreams!”

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  1.   matul says:
    Posted: 01 Apr 14

    Nice couple

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  2. Posted: 13 Mar 11

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful news it inspires me to continue the faith congrats!

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  3.   EarthAngel3 says:
    Posted: 11 Mar 11

    A wonderful start

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  4.   fele25 says:
    Posted: 09 Mar 11

    Wonderful story. Have an awesome life!

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  5.   BrwnnBeauty says:
    Posted: 04 Mar 11

    loved this story...gotta meet to make sure! Congrats on connecting.

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  6.   mshearflwr says:
    Posted: 03 Mar 11

    What a beautiful couple:)

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