Is your parents' perfect relationship sabotaging your own?

Posted by Ria, 06 Aug 12

There is nothing wrong with looking up to our parents… especially if they have this match-made-in-heaven relationship. But what if trying so hard to be like them ends up screwing every relationship you get into?

The thing is, most of us who have parents who have such kind of relationships find ourselves putting so much pressure on ourselves to be just like them. The problem with this is: even when you meet someone who is great in their own way, so long as they are not exactly as your parents, you will somehow find yourself looking for mistakes in that person, no matter how 'generally' great they may be. For some reason, you end up doubting your choice in spouses because you are looking for someone who is just like mummy or daddy… someone who will get your parents jokes, treat you like they do one another… The problem with putting your parents and their relationship on a pedestal is: you will never give yourself or your spouse credit for being great in your own ways. And this will end up putting a strain on a rather great relationship.

The thing is: sometimes you just have to give yourself a break; take a deep breath. Your parents' life may be superb but I am sure, they are where they are because they made mistakes of their own and learned from them. So all you need to do is allow yourself to be you, allow your spouse to be, make your own mistakes as a couple and see how that plays out, keeping an open mind at all times.

Be free and believe that doing YOU is good enough as well… BELIEVE in YOU!!!

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  1.   NaijaBabe11 says:
    Posted: 08 Aug 12

    Great article! I needed to read this!

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