Are jews more accepting of black-white interracial couples?

Posted by James, 01 Sep 15

The truth is: Jews come in many colors and ethnicities. And due to people converting to Judaism, interracial marriage and adoption, they are becoming more diverse these days... Apparently the Reform Judaism supports interracial Jewish marriages.

Well, I came across this interracial Jewish couple on Zehava Bracha Arky & Baruch Arky; and here is their story:

Zehava: I obviously look different from a lot of people in our community. Before I got married, when people would try to set me up, they would often set me up with another Jew of color, without considering if we might have anything else in common.

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Baruch: I don’t think that people relate to us as an interracial couple. We’re both Jewish, and that seems to speak louder than color.

What I am getting is: The Jewish people are accepting of interracial coupling within their denomination. How about 'other' interracial couples? Do they also not 'see color'? Are they ok with a Jew in an interracial relationship with a non-Jew?

Alex (white) and Camille Barnett (black) are the another couple. Camile converted to Judaism. In his article "My Interracial Marriage Isn’t That Exotic", Alex says:

"Black-Jewish relations... are not an anomaly. Since time immemorial, there has been a connection, a bond, between Black and Jewish people. Perhaps it’s our respective histories of oppression. Perhaps it’s because of our mothers, who are overbearing, intrusive and force us to eat. Perhaps it’s because without us, there would be no music industry. Whatever the reason, the simple fact is that there is a bond between Blacks and Jews."

But besides all this, Alex understands being a black and white couple raises eyebrows, elicits stares and comments. He admits that its different saying:

"... when you see a Black person with a White person, you notice. How can you not? It’s different. It’s Black skin juxtaposed with White skin. And, by the way, I’m not simply accusing others. I do it myself. If I see a mixed-race couple when I’m walking around, I notice them too. (Then, I usually offer them a subtle head nod, as if to say, 'yep, me too. Peace.')."

"Why Every Black Woman Should Marry A Jewish Man" is a book that stirred controversy some time back. The book was written by Hines-Star, a black woman who met her Jewish husband on Much as the message to black women was meant to be 'its ok to marry out', the reasons she gave ended up bashing the black man saying all black men need to placed in her “Scumbag Files” among other things.

The point is: Black women white men Jewish relationships are not such an unlikely match. So do you think marrying a Jew is similar to marrying black as Alex implied? Could this be the reason why black-white relationships are ok within the Jewish community? And are they really?

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  1.   Mosiah7 says:
    Posted: 29 Dec 15

    Which type of Jews are you talking about? Jewish is a religion; not a race. Entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. practiced the Jewish religion and I'm certain that he was cool with interracial dating, as he caught hell for it when he was alive.

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  2.   Fanominal says:
    Posted: 19 Oct 15

    Interesting points of views offered in response to this article. In another post i commented that it wasn't just the younger generations dating interracially, citing my great grandparents' relationship in the early 1900"s. What's funny about that is that he was Jewish. Nothing new here either!

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  3.   Julep says:
    Posted: 14 Sep 15

    I'm Jewish by birth, and as an adult, I have no real ties to the community. Not getting into my life story, I will just say that deep down I would like to have relationship with someone who has knowledge of my background ( doesn't mean that they must be Jewish). Let it be known that Jews come in all shades and colors, and if they happen to be non-white, it is not SOLELY because of conversation. Racism is a result of upbringing and adopted personal beliefs. It is found in ALL varieties of people regardless of faith/religion/belief systems. You be the best reflection of humanity possible, and give others the same opportunity.

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  4.   talnwhite1 says:
    Posted: 12 Sep 15

    Are jews more accepting of interracial couples. No when it concerns jews in a relationship. They are less accepting. If both are non jews they are more accepting. Why? The less homogonized another race is the easier it is to spread zionism and world domination. Hollywood and the mass media which are overwhelmingly controlled by jewish influence, all want non jewish whites to intermarry and it is highly the protoocols of the elders of zion which includes verses to promote this practice. Israel law forbids jews to marry non jews. Non jews cannot vote or hold elected office in Israel so why would they promote interracial marriage? Yet that is perceived as "preservation of their people". But when non jewish whites do the same it is considered racist.

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    • NYguy1 says:
      Posted: 20 Sep 15

      You're a real dumb- by saying that Jews "spread zionism and world domination" and a pure bigot by also saying Jews control Hollywood. These are stereotypes and not true in all cases.

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  5.   Mr.93 says:
    Posted: 08 Sep 15

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • NYguy1 says:
      Posted: 11 Sep 15

      Where did you get that information from? lie.

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  6. Posted: 07 Sep 15

    as a renounced 'jew', which I reject man-made religious labels, jews are the MOST racist and prejudiced group on THIS earth, at least. first, there is extreme racism against blacks in israel, regardless of the fact the original israelites were more than likely dark skinned, and those blacks are apparently deemed 'jewish' by the nutjob orthos who run much of the religion. second, a nazi-like ethos of 'god's chosen people' inculcated from birth, isn't likely to grant one any particular measure of humility before fellow man, therefore prejudice against non-jews is far worse. conversion may help, but in reality, jews generally just dont like the thought of 'black culture' and of it being introduced into their own bloodline, regardless of their supposedly 'liberal' leanings. yes, boys and girls, some people ACTUALLY believe god chose them over ALL others as his speshul little pets, and promised them a tiny plot of land of all the land on earth to the exclusion of all others, to rule the earth from. not even going into the details of an entirely fiction history... but thankfully some 'jews' are waking up from the zionist saturn/moon cult spell cast upon us for so long... jews are well known to disinherit their children for marrying outside the tribe, and among the vast majority of this group interracial relations are highly taboo. although some of the men certainly adore the black female, imho bc she is all the stereotypical jewish woman is NOT (JAP). cherio!

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    • NYguy1 says:
      Posted: 08 Sep 15

      I think you're generalizing and bashing your own group by calling them Nazis or anything negative under the sun. I am one of them too. You have to remember that we were are a deeply segregated group and were trashed by invaders (Romans) and expelled and murdered for thousands of years. This may explain the "protective image" Jews have about themselves and why it is hard for them to accept others; but at the same time there are other Jews who also helped out other segregated groups such as blacks and other minorities. Some of them also look beyond race and simply see love.

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  7.   NYguy1 says:
    Posted: 05 Sep 15


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  8. Posted: 05 Sep 15

    I know myself and my Jewish mother are accepting, more so than other people I know.

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