Woman, Aged 36 in Greece, Attiki, Athens
Looking for a: Man, Aged 28 - 45, White/Other

"Den Haag, Netherlands for 1 week..."

  • My ethnicity isAsian/Black/Islander/Mixed
  • Height5'2"-5'6"
  • StatusSingle
  • SeekingFriends/Long-term/Short-term
  • Body typeAthletic build
  • Have childrenNo children
  • SmokingDo not smoke, but OK if you do
  • DrinkingDrink socially
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"I Adore Him"

I'm from Southern Illinois, he's from Chicago. We met for,dinner and have been meeting 1/2 way every weekend building a strong relationship going on 5 months now. I adore him.: ) read more

Illinois, United States

How would you describe yourself?

What a year, what a year! Back and settled into the states after exactly 4 months of traveling freely about Europe, alone. 120 days... A true testament of freedom, in every sense of the word. Uninhibited to my truest desires and unencumbered by complications of the mundane. It was a life-altering journey and I've already bought my ticket to return this spring! Going for 6 months to a year this time.

I have just accomplished being single for an entire year. Though, I'm not looking to dive head-first into a relationship... I am completely open to the possibilities. Challenge me with the extraordinary, as I am willing to wait for an exceptional partner. In the meantime, I enjoy life by my own means.

I'll have a blog coming this year, say hello.


*2013 UPDATE: Europe-bound for the entire summer beginning June. I plan to visit 11 to 13 cities. Would love to make some new connections along the way. Looking to immerse myself in food, language, architecture and people from different cultures and perspectives. Please tell me of any festive occasions in your city and/or country.*

Before you begin, let me save you a bit of time and trouble...

I AM NOT A SUGAR-BABY... I don't want your money, I don't care if you have a yacht, or if you look good for 60. My search and attraction to white men has nothing to do with seeking 'the rich or famous'. With that said...

I am so many things, and I hope you are too... Fit, open-minded, intelligent and sharp. I'm a dreamer but certainly realistic. I've never done things in an orderly fashion, however, they always get done;) I love people, even in all our flaws... Let's laugh at them. Emotional intelligence is just as important as any, right? But physical fitness is a must, as it's conducive to a healthy lifestyle. I think being unique is important, but not enough to be alone. I like to aim high, otherwise I'll be bored with my own perfection. The pursuit isn't about happiness (just do it)... It's about connecting, sharing and most of all perspective and possibilities. Too much television early on, I'm sure, has had an immense influence in my attraction to white boyz, but we like what we like right?... Hopefully we aren't what we eat, cause I can't remember her name! I'm not big on shopping, I buy what I need. Don't get me wrong, I am very fashionable, but frugal. My home is my sanctuary, please don't violate. Do what you like, as long as it doesn't harm me, or her, or him, or it... Free thinkers are a turn-on and so are pinstripe suits. Money is important, but if it's the backbone of your existence then we will probably hate each other eventually. I love watching people in action, especially on the dance floor. Love outside the box, cause it's full already of cookie-cutter relationships and I'm a bit claustrophobic;) Let's push the limits and set new standards, let's live by our hearts and dance to any beat that comes along! I may not have the exact poetic spreadsheet of what I want in a man, but I know what I don't want. Be soft and strong, loud and humble, happy and sad, yes, you may be a contradiction... But please no hypocrites. Lie when it matters most, not just out of habit or convenience. Be comfortable in your skin and in mine too. I'm a bit into older guys (up to 45), BUT you must have energy, as I'm a firecracker. A bit of a tomboy athletically, but certainly feminine and girly with my man. Oh yeah... Did I forget to mention my love for fun, family and food!!!

I'm now 33 and definitely well settled into woman hood. As great as I sm in a supportive role, I do have my own goals and aspirations. I am working towards a Ph. D in psychology (hopefully at Berkely). Living and working in Las Vegas while I pursue a grad degree at UNLV. I have been working on a book for the past few years and it is my passion, my child, my golden ticket! I'd love to teach for a few years in the public schools, most likely junior high school. Teachers have been a huge influence in my life and Id like to be someone else's inspiration. In the future, I plan to have an alternative lifestyle therapy practice. I'm a bit of a nerd, so I would also like to study physics and chemistry at some point in the future.

I am actively learning to speak spanish and am also very eager to learn French, and later on Mandarin and/or Japanese. I picked up German in a few months (though I lost it due to a lack of propel to communicate with), so I do know that I'm lingually capable. Tennis, kite-surfing and kayaking are amongst the list of physical and fun activities that have always interested me.

I do hope to find a partner who is not only supportive of my goals, but also shares some common interest, intellect level, and desire for spontaneity and adventure.

I am looking for...

Be kind, smart, open-minded, older and fit. Distance is not a problem as I'm willing to travel if the pull is strong enough. Please don't be burnt out and bitter. Must have a youthful aura and energy as I have tons! I like a man that I can learn from and who is willing to learn some new things too. I'd like to be a bit more shallow this time around, so abs and a cute smile would bump you up the list. Dominate? That's right up my alley. It'd work so much smoother if you were nearby, it's hard to build chemistry across the country or around the world. I do hope to hear from you though;)

About Her

  • StarsignVirgo
  • Want childrenUndecided about wanting children
  • Eye colorBrown
  • Hair colorBlack
  • ReligionSpiritual
  • OccupationSelf-employed
  • EducationBachelors degree
  • LanguagesEnglish/Other
  • RelocationI'd relocate anywhere in the world
  • Ideally I'd live in aIn the City/Beach house/An adobe home in the desert
  • My fashion sense isDress according to the occasion
  • My sense of humor isSlapstick - Three Amigos all the way!/Goofy - I'm Dumb and Dumber in one/Witty - I have a razor-sharp tongue/Sarcastic - Dripping with it!...
  • When I go to partiesI'm the Life of the party/I go with the flow/Pickup artist/I get around...
  • On a day off, I enjoySomething athletic or energetic/A cultural outing such as museum or gallery/Curling up with a good book/Lunch with a friend...
  • I attend religious servicesDoesn't apply
  • When it comes to workI work part-time


Message Flirt Favorite IM

"I Adore Him"

I'm from Southern Illinois, he's from Chicago. We met for,dinner and have been meeting 1/2 way every weekend building a strong relationship going on 5 months now. I adore him.: ) read more

Illinois, United States